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Social Media Management

Social media may be a terrific tool for building your business by allowing you to connect with current and potential clients, attract new ones, learn about exclusive deals, position yourself as an industry leader, and stay in touch with existing clients.

A social media strategy, content creation, image sourcing, and account posting are tasks that a busy business owner may not always have time for. In order to assist companies like yours in creating a consistent brand and online presence.

Every company has unique demands and expectations, and we are aware of this. Because of this, we design unique, customised social media packages that will meet your requirements and expectations, but more significantly, deliver results at a fair price.


What we offer...

Monthly Call

Your dedicated account manager will contact you to discuss any specific topics/special offers that you may want to include in your social content. You will receive an e-mail address to which you can send information, photos, special offers throughout the month. This content will be drafted for you to review before posting.

Articles and stories

Our plans will allow you to create and publish articles and stories on your social media accounts for the month. They work as a great way to engage with your community and improve your organic social reach activity.

1 Promoted post Map Media will increase the selection of your posts to a wider audience to help increase your brand awareness. Paying to promote posts and stories can generate dramatic increases in visibility and engagement, leading to real inquiries.

Monthly report

Each month, you'll receive a report detailing how your content performed, how many people it reached, and the difference it made to the bottom line. We are a results-driven business, and your monthly reports describe exactly what matters most to you. 

Go further...

Map Media means higher rank and better visibility. Whether you're one step ahead or five steps ahead, we use best practices and ethical methods to deliver real results and help you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

We are not the company that is here today or tomorrow. We have  been in the industry for decades and we're certainly not shy about who we are and how we got here... But times have changed, and so have we, Map Media was born !!!! We are the same great people with the same great ethics just with our own team with a clearer focus on who we want to be what we want to achieve and how we are going to get there. Working with Map Media allows us to move your business forward with an over achieving mission to out perform your competitors. We are in it together.

"Strong partnerships are built on trust and you can count on us to take your business to the next level. We believe in building life long partnerships."

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